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For the long haul (the scattered brain)  
07:57pm 12/08/2007

For the long haul (the scattered brain)




We ride our emotions; the distance from the sun.

We take a one way trip thinking “Never to return”

It’s my fault; I can never travel without you to keep me awake.

My eyes are bloodshot red but they’re so happy to see what you say


Here we are again,

Leaving nothing to the imagination

Saying what should be said


It’s the same old friends

In different situations

I’m left thinking

“Let’s just make it work this time”


And buried deep inside of me

Is an emotion that has not been expressed

It won’t cure your sadness,

And I’m pretty sure it wont get rid of your troubled past


It’s going to take us the distance of the sun

A place where we all return

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