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Life as We Know it.  
05:41am 01/08/2007

I think we all start out in this world the same; we think of nothing, we do nothing. Slowly, some of us develop and desire change. Some adapt to the world around us and live life. There is nothing wrong with any choice you make.

No matter what, it’s your choice to live the life you choose.

Yeah, blah blah, stuff you already know.

I know.

Point is, we all were born the same, and we will all have the same tragic deaths, but you cannot tell me what happens in-between my timeline. What will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it’s just all in the air spinning around my head making me dizzy with wonder that I have vomited expectations. I cannot worry myself sick about the future, I just have to do what I know is possible for the time being and slowly work myself to where I plan to be at some point in my life.


I made a picture of what I think I looked like as a newborn as I tasted the bitter life that waited for me in the future. I think I was a pretty cute baby back then. Just like any mexican baby I grew facial hair years before puberty.

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music: How do you do? by Mouth and Macneal
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01:05pm 01/08/2007 (UTC)
I woke up with this song in my head this morning..
that's scary.
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06:45pm 16/02/2013 (UTC)
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